Earlier last week I posted regarding a frustration with Empire Gold Buyers and how we felt my sister was getting the run around.

Suffice it to say, Empire Gold Buyers actually came through, and gave my sister exactly what she requested. I also received a call from a gentlemen there and he was was cordial to explain the process upon reading my post via google. My apologies to Empire Gold Buyers, and I have since removed the post!

I retract my statement regarding Empire Gold Buyers being a possible fraud scheme, and actually I am pleased at their follow-through, reputation, and would recommend them to anyone. As a side note though, I was told that no matter what your retail price of a diamond that buyers market/dealers only value it at about 25% of the retail price.

So my advice is, if you need the cash turn in your rings or jewelry to Empire Gold Buyers, but do not expect more 30% of your original retail price.