Well, it’s July 4th and I dare to go where every man goes all at once… the grocery store. I headed over to Walmart and saw the crowds and decided to go to HEB. Now I have been to HEB for a quick gallon of milk or a couple of items at a time, but have yet to go full grocery shopping.

I will never go back to Walmart for groceries again considering HEB has that classic grocery store aura and the following pros over Walmart:

  • Produce – fresher, better selection, and competitive in pricing to Walmart
  • Baked Goods – A much better bakery section hands down
  • Fresh Foods – HEB smokes Walmart in fresh prepared foods to go
  • Deli – better meats and cheeses
  • In-House Coupons and Deals – You walk in and there are yellow coupons and posters stating what meal deals or combos on sale
  • Customer Service – one of the demostration ladies literally ran around the store with me to find artichoke hearts, and the baggers are packing while the checkout lady is checking me out for a much faster exit.

Anyway, my opinion is HEB is a much better overall grocery store than Walmart!

(I was not paid or even asked to write this blog article by any representative of HEB)