Bible Text: Matt. 27:32-44 (ESV)

He trusts in God; let God deliver him now, if he desires him. For he said, ‘I am the Son of God.’ vs. 43

In this passage, we read about the crucifixion of Jesus, so common to the Christian mind, but against all common sense. In our modern day, it is easy to “Monday morning quarterback” the entire story of those who killed Jesus that day. Like the Apostle Peter, we may tell ourselves that we would have never done that to Jesus. The scene is quite disturbing and yet there is one solid truth in this whole story, Jesus chose this moment. We need not pity Jesus as some weak lamb led to slaughter, no, the Lion of Judah chose to lay it all down. When we truly trust God, we choose, not just the moments of blessing and victory, but we choose the moments of failure and trial.

I was talking with one of my daughters and she shared how she wants to be a missionary to India one day. I immediately was both proud and fearful. I challenged her with this, “Kiddo, you know that you could be killed for your faith and mission if you go to India?” Her response was deafening, “I know, but Dad, what other purpose do I have but to choose what He tells me to do.” Will you choose what he tells you to do? We have the privilege of knowing the ending to each Bible story, and we can make shortsighted statements about how we would react or respond in those moments, but in context, we know nothing of our reactions.

The challenge for each believer is to choose God in our daily decisions, so that when the more profound challenges come, we can discern what the right choice is, instead of fear or clouded judgment. The best part about our journey with Jesus is that you could be Simon, who carried the cross for Christ, the robbers who mocked him, the soldiers and religious leaders who killed him; you have a choice today. Yesterday you may have mocked Him, doubted His love, made a bad decision, destroyed a relationship, sabotaged a career, but He loves you. So today, you can take that one step to choosing Jesus.

The Real Truth: Jesus chose obedience to the moment of His death because He chose You!