Happy New Year! It is the time where many set their goals, make changes and do inventory on the year past. 2017 has just begun and I have taken to a few goals for the year which includes my blog that I have utterly ignored for a couple years now. I am hoping to write once each day for the year, but with a bigger hope in mind… writing a book with my wife Heather. This year I hope to complete the draft of our marriage book and then move on to a parenting book the next year, lofty indeed, but I have realized the limits I have put on myself in recent years.

I have been convicted about my focus in general and in my prayers for the next year’s goals and planning, it became clear. It is all about Jesus and while I have much to say on matters and life experience would allow me to comment, I believe this year my writing, speaking and effectiveness is to be focused on Jesus. This can sound Christian-ese and almost bland; however, I believe that we have become all but numb to the name of Jesus. I hope to simply bring myself and anyone who reads my content closer to the name of Jesus.

Each week I will write on deeper Bible Study, Marriage, Family, and anything else that comes to mind. 2016 was a year of inventory, patience and personal growth and for that I am thankful. So, here is the first of three-hundred and sixty five posts. I realize that my voice will be among many anyone could pay attention too, and the chance of being lost in the noise of life is possible. However, my writing, video messages, book writing is less about gaining influence and more about obedience to Jesus. It is an exercise of utility not futility. I say this because there are many who may read this that are discouraged to step out and do something greater because they see success as money, fame, full calendars, likes and shares. If that is you, do it anyway, because you will grow regardless and God can use you while you are in this school of obedience.

Abraham Lincoln once said, “I will prepare and some day my chance will come.” Have an awesome 2017 and take a chance!