Bible Text: Matt 27:45-56

“And Jesus cried out again with a loud voice and yielded up his spirit.” vs 50

Would you be the proud owner of a vehicle that would never start for you; rather, it would only start for one of your other family members. You turn the key and nothing, but as soon as another person comes and turns it, the car starts? You would sell the vehicle and move on to a vehicle that would do exactly what you want it to do. Jesus was on the cross, in obvious pain and suffering, and He just cried out to God the Father asking why He was forsaken. A very dark place to be for the Son of God, but there is about to be a serious victory in the hours and days ahead. A verse we may skip over or just see it as it is physically, “yielded up His spirit”, is actually one of the most powerful moments of devotion. Jesus remained in complete authority, even into His physical death. He yielded His spirit, he laid it down. Your yielding to God, hands authority to God, but there is a powerful aspect of this yielding.

Right after Jesus died a list of events take place. His yielding of His spirit caused the ground to shake, the temple system to be torn from the seams, actual dead bodies were coming out of tombs and burial plots to walk the streets. What?! You may be going through a tough time in life, you are a giver, a committed Christian and you are just waiting for your blessing and favor. There is always a part of you to yield to God daily. It’s funny how we can justify how we have walked or call on the Scriptures and approach God’s throne with boldness, but that boldness is part of a whole relationship. Our relationship with Jesus is not some magic lamp that we can rub and make wishes, it requires authentic relationship. The Apostle Paul tells us in Galatians 5:25 that if we live in the Spirit, let us ALSO walk in the spirit. He makes a distinction on purpose. Jesus not only lived in the Spirit, He walked in the Spirit. He was in unity with God, so much so, that He went to the death in full authority.

I love how Jesus has laid this out for us by example. It is this simple, will I yield right now? Not planning for tomorrow, or recalling our times of yielding from yesterday, but choosing to yield in the pain and confusion of the “right now”. Just like the car illustration, when we choose to delay our yielding, we become like the car who will not start for the owner. Jesus will never own those who submit to themselves alone or some other influence. Thankfully, Jesus is not a frustrated car owner, ready to sell us off. He offers opportunity each day, and yesterday’s stubbornness can become today’s yielding.

The Real Truth: My yielding to God will shake the very ground of my life and those around me.