Our staple as a couple for the last 14 years has been the weekly date night. The principle of setting aside time for your spouse could be done in different ways than we chose, of course. Here are the reasons behind our choosing to fight for weekly date night and why encourage others to consider it:

  • It supports communication without¬†distraction

There is nothing better than having a deep discussion about life with your spouse when a child busts into the room. You each become the focus of the time you are spending together and sets the stage for growth.

  • It places tangible value in my spouse

Whether you decide to go to a fancy dinner, a simple walk in the park, or any other dedicated activity, your time and effort places value in your spouse. It feeds the confidence in your relationship.

  • Gets my wife out of the house

The fact is, my wife homeschools our children and spends every day working hard at home. She needs time to leave it all and recharge with an adult conversation with no familiar voices in the air.

  • Gives my children security

My wife and I were a family unit before our children ever came into the world. Our children are welcome members of our family and will always be, but they need to know that my wife is the first relationship to be nurtured. My children have confidence that Mom and Dad are good, so all is good in the world. Of course, date night is not the best or only method to bring marriage security to your children.

A date night is a set time aside with no distractions for you and your spouse. A date night is not a double or group date with other couples. Those are great, but not a date night. My wife and I will bring some ideas about Date Nights next week.