Mr Coffee KeurigSix weeks ago I went to Walmart and bought the Mr. Coffee Keurig for our office and the machine was working great and the only complaint I had was that the water cover would always fall off. I then decided to buy the ame machine for my home and it was working great for us at home as well.

Last week, the unit I have at home started to not make the right amount of coffee as was being selected. I would choose the larger cup setting and it would take in 2-3 ounces of water and make what looked and tasted like an espresso shot. Assuming it was user error, I then tried it again and it has been having that problem ever since.

Today at the office, I went to make a cup of coffee and the same exact thing happened on the Mr. Coffe Keuring at the office. What is the chance of the same machine model having the identical issue at two different locations with the same owner? Not likely unless it is a known issue with the manufacturing of the machine. I have cleaned out the exit needle and done descaling to no avail.

DO NOT buy the Mr. Coffee Keurig, spend an extra $20 and get the Mini Keurig System  or better. I have posted on the Mr Coffee Facebook and awaiting some resolution.

Model: BVMC-KG5-001

I took a small video of what the problem is below

[youtube IO-9nusmUvk]