I am currently in a transition of life, a break in ministry to just hear from God and I have some clear goals that I believe God spoke to me to do in these six months. So, I am driving Lyft and Uber full-time to meet some of these goals. I was in the car last week and had a great conversation with someone about our purpose as Christians. It is so easy to confuse our purpose with our calling, vocation, skills or giftings. Purpose and your calling are two separate things and they find unity only in that they compliment each other.

If you want to invite depression, doubt, and despair to your life, then tie these two together as the same. As believers, our purpose is to glorify God. We glorify God through worship, obedience, and testimony. It really is that simple. My calling, however, is to love people into a deeper relationship with Jesus using my gifting of pastoring. My gifting is enabled because of skills in areas like preaching, discipleship, ministry, and outreach. When you confuse your calling with purpose, your title, role or ministry effectiveness becomes the primary focus and you miss out on the small moments that God wants for you or someone else around you.

It is freeing to discover that if you are in transition, doing something you hope to not do for the rest of your life, or just off the road a little bit, your purpose has not changed or become harder to fulfill. It is bondage when you feel like your current job or role in life is not fulfilling your calling and thus must be falling short of your purpose.

What Do You Do Daily To Fulfill Your Purpose?

It is a question I pose to myself three times a day. If I am simply driving people from one location to the other, I am sure to pray for them, seek an opening to just love on them and make their day better, and hopefully have an opportunity to speak into their life and be the feet of Jesus. You have the same opportunity every day, and God is never disappointed in us when we take the small moments and make them purposeful.

I challenge myself each day to focus on my purpose in anything I am tasked to do and this has been freeing for me. I hope it is freeing for you too!