I preached a sermon last night regarding God is Just, based off of Tozer’s Attributes of God. I summarize it below, but thought the illustration was worth sharing.

Passion of Christ:

In today’s day, the word “passion” means lustful, or excited about something… pumped up! Look, while Jesus may be “pumped up” about you, when we say Jesus was passionate or “the passion of Christ” we are talking about a different level. This passion means bloodshed!

God’s justice has everything to do with the passion of Christ! His passion, suffering, bloodshed, victory is three things: almighty, infinite, and perfect.

It’s possible for good men to “almost” do something or to “almost” be something. That is the fix people get in because they are people. But Almighty God is never “almost” anything. God is always exactly what He is. He is the Almighty One. If God has all the power, then all the power there is was in that atonement. You never can overstate the effectiveness of the atonement. You never can exaggerate the power of the cross.[1]

If a person cannot grasp this principle of the passion of Christ, then he cannot witness to it! Last week I posed the tough question, “How do you, O God,  spare the wicked if you are just?” We mentioned the cross, and while some of you may have had a clear idea of the perfection, power, and eternal passion of Christ when you answered, an unbeliever may not get it right away.

No matter how nice and refined and lovely you think you are, you are a moral situation—you have been, you still are, you will be. And when God confronted you, God’s justice confronted a moral situation and found you unequal, found inequity, found iniquity.[2]

Because He found iniquity there, God sentenced you to die. Everybody has been or is under the sentence of death. I wonder how people can be so happy under the sentence of death.[3]

Imagine that you committed murder here in Texas, and you have been sentenced to execution. Tonight, you will be executed, lawyers have fought for you and pleaded on your behalf, protestors around the state, country, and the world have expressed their distaste for your execution. Your walking down what they call the “Green Mile”, you had your last meal, you prayed with clergy. Your in an orange suit, cuffs on your hands and feet, you are anxious, breathing heavy, and you have come to grips that you are about to die.

The officers sit you down in a chair, your accusers, your victims, and your family look at you through a window on the other side of the room. They strap you in, take off the cuffs, and harness the electric chair to your body. You are asked if you want to say something, and although it seems hopeless and you feel powerless… you say, “I have committed murder, took a life of another. I know I deserve death, but I ask you all… please forgive me! PLEASE FORGIVE… me!”

With that last word, the officer is asked to hit the switch… the moment is coming! A blinding light hits the room, you just know this is what happens before you die… nothing but that light. You are sitting in a chair in white clothing, your accusers, victims, and family are nowhere in site. You walk out of the room, you walk down the hall to the front of the prison and you are asking what happened. They check records and find nothing about you or your crimes. They escort you out of prison and now you are a free man! You look at the world you have been isolated from for twenty years, but now you are free! What do you do now? Do you weep, do you laugh, do you run and jump. Do you see life differently!

You see while this illustration may be fictional and something like that happening in our prisons is probably not going to happen. For each you it should be a direct parallel. The passion of Christ! It is so powerful, that you cannot be born into it, you cannot go to church enough to grasp it. You must have a born again experience with Christ to know it. While you may not have been the drug lord of of your community needing dynamic deliverance, your sentence of death is just the same.

What will you do with this “passion of Christ” is what you will be judged on. The wicked can go free because of the passion of Christ.

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